Knowing how much home life affects students’ happiness and studies, we have taken great care in choosing and monitoring the hostel accommodation we provide. Well-furnished Hostel rooms with all necessary facilities are very close to the college and ideal for living. Much focus is laid on the quality of stay and food, which other colleges are unable to provide to the satisfactory levels of the students. The in-house care-takers act as friends and see that the boarders do not fall prey to homesickness, and at the same time make students lead a disciplined life. All the boarders are under complete supervision of these Hostel wardens, who takes care of them and also ensures that strict discipline is maintained.Special attention is given to each student and it’s made sure that all their needs are met.

Delicious and balance vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to match with modern health care is provided. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are also maintained.